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Catholic will help you find a wide variety of Catholic Medals and other beautiful religious pendants. We offer high-quality Catholic medals at heavily-discounted prices through our online store,

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    Featured Saint Medals

    St. Christopher

    Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, athletes, soldiers and more. St. Christopher medals are very popular Catholic gifts and many view them as powerful armaments against danger and evil.

    On most medals, St. Christopher is depicted as a man crossing a river with a child on his back. This image comes from the story about St. Christopher, who was allegedly a tall man from the Palestine region.

    According to the story, St. Christopher helped travelers ford a river in the Holy Land, as if he were a human ferry. One of his passengers was a child. Perched on Saint Christopher's shoulder, the child grew heavier as he crossed the river.

    Reaching the other shore safely, St. Christopher asked the little child: "Who are you that placed me in such danger? It seemed as if I were carrying the whole world on my shoulders."

    The little child replied, "Not only did you carry the world, but him who made it. I am Jesus Christ the King."

    Because of the popularity of the St. Christopher medal, we offer many variations in the design and metal.

    St. Christopher medal

    St. Christopher Medals

    Miraculous Medals

    Virgin Mary medal

    Miraculous medals are the most popular Catholic medals of all time! See our entire webpage dedicated to Miraculous Medals.

    St. Michael

    Saint Michael the Archangel is one of the great defenders against evil. In ancient religious artwork, Michael is often depicted slaying the devil in a fierce battle, as is depicted in the book of Revelations.

    Wearing a St. Michael medal is seen as means of protection against the snares of the devil. We offer some beautiful versions of this medal.

    St. Michael

    St. Michael medal

    Saint Michael

    Vist the
    St. Michael Medal Showcase to see all of our beautiful St. Michael medals.

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